Where Are They Now?

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AHS62 Class Roster

We are pleased to provide a gallery of graduation photos taken from the Alhambran year book. A complete roster, based on our database, is now available. Please check this list to make sure you're on it! If you (or someone you know) doesn't appear, or if there's no address, or if you have other information we should know (such as name change, death, etc.) please contact me immediately so we can update our database.

Missing Moors

Help us find our lost classmates. They probably know where they are, but we don't. If you have any leads or information about anyone on this list, please send me email or click the Update Bios link and submit information using the form provided. To date, we've found 34 of our missing class members via this web site. Keep it up!

In Memoriam Page

Our In Memoriam page is memories of our classmates who are now deceased. If you'd like to contribute a short tribute to a classmate, send it to me by email (read@lss.wisc.edu). In addition, we there is a list of those deceased. If you have confirmed information (we don't want to surprise anyone who's still living!) about the passing of former classmates, please let me know.

Classmate Updates (last updated 10/13/17 )

The following have submitted updated biographical/address information. If you haven't yet done so, go to the Update Bios page and tell us where you are and what you've been doing for the last 40 years. (Note: you may want to refresh or reload this page occasionally to update the listing.) (Check also the graduation photos gallery in case you're having a hard time remembering who these folks are!)

Abajian, Kathryn (7/8/10)
Abraham, Liz (9/18/12)
Allenthorp, Darlene (1/6/11)
Anderson, Bonnie (8/1/12)
Anderson, Carolyn (1/20/11)
Anthony, Judy
Balma, Larry (3/22/11)
Barkhurst, Cheryl (8/1/12)
Beck, Perry (10/13/17)
Benniof, Elaine (11/15/12)
Berls, Dick (6/8/11)
Berry, Sharon
Bonander, Susan (8/22/07)
Bosley, Gary
Brown, Annette
Brown, Lee (1/20/11)
Butler, Carolyn
Candalot, Bea
Carnahan, Richard (8/24/12)
Carroll, Leo (10/12/10)
Clay, Jane (9/19/07)
Collett, James
Collins, Larry (6/8/11)
Collins, Lynda
Connow, William
Conway, Judy
Cristol, Mark
Crochet, Paula (9/9/07)
Davis, Diane (6/4/12)
DeuPree, Carol
Dillard, Nikki (7/8/17)
Di Mauro, Ann (10/12/10)
Di Prima, Joy (10/19/10)
Dorian, June (12/28/12)
Duling, Jim (10/12/10)
English, Dennis (11/15/12)
Evans, Richard (1/6/11)

Farmer, Clifton
Feder, Rob
Fenton, Chet
Finn, Diane (9/3/12)
Finnan, Mary
Flinck, Allen (9/4/12)
Fraser, Jim (9/23/12)
Frederick, Dale (11/3/09)
Gibbs, Evie
Gibson, Marilyn (8/21/07)
Gilgen, Read (6/7/2017)
Gilman, Les
Haight, Fred
Handin, Sharon (8/1/12)
Hansen, Nancy (8/1/12)
Hastings, Charles (6/4/10)
Hazlett, Carol (1/6/11)
Hess, Kathy (8/1/12)
Hesselgesser, Larry (8/1/12)
Hoheisal, Jo Ann (8/24/12)
Holland, Joyce
Humbert, Doreen (6/16/07)
Huff, Glenna (8/5/07)
Hunsaker, Tom
Hunsicker, Karen (9/17/12)
Imus, Charlene (7/28/11)
Johnson, Pam (9/30/12)
Jones, Susan (9/12/07)
Kastner, Salese (8/1/12)
Kavanaugh, Diane
Kay, Vertha Rae (11/15/12)
Kinsman, Nancy

Kneale, David (2/15/11)
Kohout, Cheryl
Kressner, Candy (9/21/12)
Laux, Jerry (6/8/11)
Lavender, Richard
Lewis, David (9/26/12)
Liserani, Marlene (8/1/12)
Lockhart, Marian
Lucas, Rosemary (6/8/11)
MacDougall, Fred (10/13/10)
Mayfield, Marilyn
McCoy, Sheila
McElroy, Mike
McKee, Lary
Miller, Harry
Miller, Irene
Miller, Susan (2/21/12)
Murphy, Sharon (5/3/07)
Nadolski, John
Nelson, Sonia
Newkirk, Sondra (8/1/12)
Newman, Sharri (8/23/08)
Nichols, Lee (4/30/12)
Nortorleva, Ken (5/22/07)
Ofstedahl, Larry (8/19/12)
Ostly, Erik
Ousley, Dennis
Parsons, Mary (8/28/07)
Peterlin, Stan (5/2/12)
Polito, Frank (12/31/10)
Pons, Judy (4/30/12

Reed, Dorothea
Reiman, Mary (4/30/12)
Rich, Howard Lynn (9/30/12)
Rock, Shirley
Rome, Richard
Rosental, Leon (2/29/12)
Ryan, Gail (8/18/10)
Ryder, Rae (11/15/12)
Salkeld, Rodger (10/10/10)
Sangeorge, Joan
Sassoe, Elaine
Schroeder, Ernie (5/26/12)
Schroeder, Jeff (6/7/17)
Sherlock, Claudia
Sloane, Sharie
Smith, Doug
Smith, Stephen (9/28/12)
Snyder, Eileen
Sparks, Joan (8/29/12)
Speake, Guy (8/1/12)
Spencer, Karen

Stermer, ShirLee
Stratton, John (10/19/10)
Talarico, Evelyn
Thorson, Robert (9/19/17)
Wedge, Gary (8/21/07)
Williams, Susan
Wilson, Lois
Winsor, Tom
Wright, Val
Young, Michael (4/17/12)