Les Gilman

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Leslie J Gilman

4836 Hartnell Road
Santa Maria, CA 93455


BS ,Cal State LA, 1971;MBA ,USC,1976 So Cal Edison 1965 to 1976.Independent Fee Real Estate Appraiser in Santa Maria CA from 1976 to date. Married Lynn Call (AHS '63) 1963 to 1967;Suzanne Blevins(AHS '62)1967 to 1982;Bobbi Anderson 1985 to date. Four kids who have produced Five Grandchildren: three by son,Jeff(born 1971), one by daughter,Heather(born 1973), one by stepson, Joey (born 1976) and none (yet) by stepdaughter, Micki(born 1973). Hobbies: eBay, fly fishing with Al Flinck, antique and modern firearms (licensed dealer-but hobby so far); Red Neck Pleasure Fairs(aka Gun Shows!) F-86 Sabre Jet and the Korean Air War (it's a long story,ask Fred Haight!!)