Nancy Hansen

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Nancy Hansen Andersen

Lupinvej 5
DK-3550 Slangerup, Denmark
+45 26293948


With a Masters Degree in translation I have been running my own translation company for 35 years employing freelance translators all over the world. Sold the company in 2011 and have now retired.

Married to Jens for almost 45 years - three kids and 7 grandkids + a foster daughter in North Carolina which adds three more grandkids.

My husband and I travel a lot all over the world. The US is our favorite. Just got back from a family reunoin trip to the US (July 2012) where we brought everybody together for 10 days, i.e. a family of 20 when we are all there.

I keep in touch with Rae Ryder (Aaselund)and we have the pleasure of having been visiting each other regulary over these past 50 years. When seeing Rae and Ted, Rae has been inviting old AHS friends. Also Jane Clay (Anderson) came to see us a couple of years ago (not her first visit), and when we last visited Rae, Jane came by for a chat.

Have a great 50th Reunion.