Rae Ryder

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Rae Ryder Aaselund

4601 Alta Canyada Road
La Canada, CA 91011


11/15/12 Posting:

I'll start in the future and work back. I've finally decided to retire from being a full time pharmacist at Rancho Los Amigos, Downey at the end of September 2013. I plan to take cooking classes and explore something new for me. I will continue ballet and possibly add some music (voice, violin, piano, guitar)(but that means I'll have to cut my nails). I also hope to learn a foreign language, take sailing lessons, and travel. My grand niece is going to have a baby in December and she's going to name her Rae. I hope to be there (Denver) for her birth! Now I'm taking ballet, yoga and Karate. Ballet is my passion, yoga helps the ballet, and Karate is just for fun. We've vacationed with our grandsons a lot.(So. Dakota, Alaska, Hawaii) The boys are 12 and 15. Grandkids rock! The weekend before the reunion, I (with my 30-something work supervisor) walked 39.3 miles in one weekend in the Avon walk for breast cancer and we raised over $5000. It was so much fun!!! Doing a good deed should not be that much fun. I'm so glad I went to the reunion. Allen Flinck I've known since I was four, but I never imagined he could make those beautiful things out of wood. And Pamela Morrison, with whom I shared a music stand in the violin section in elementary and high school, we found we are still sharing so many interests. I wish I could have spent more time talking to everyone. So see you in 5 years!?

9/27/09 Posting:

I Graduated from USC School of Pharmacy in 1968, and I'm still working full time as a pharmacist, now at LA County Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center in Downey. I was divorced in 1985 and married Ted Aaselund in 1989. His family is from Denmark and we have visited them there several times, also visiting Nancy Hanson Anderson. This June we spent a week in Copenhagen and some great "quality Danish time" with Nancy and Jens visiting their children and meeting their grandchildren. After Denmark we traveled on to Kiel, Germany to celebrate the wedding of my son, Ben, and his wife Anja. Ben and Anja live in New York, but her family lives in Germany, so the celebration was there. We spent a wonderful weekend in a Manor House with her family and Ben's, including my daughter, Jennifer, her husband, Andy, our two grandsons, Nathan,10, and Matthew, 7, and my first husband and his wife and two daughters. Two of our Danish relatives visited us here in July,!
and Nancy and Jens will be here in October.

I still take ballet lessons, and now my husband and I take yoga classes. We have a condominium in Oxnard at the beach where we love to relax (when it's not rented out). I plan to retire in 5 years and move to Oxnard. At our next reunion we'll be celebrating my retirement!

Original Posting:

After AHS I got a Doctor of Pharmacy from USC where I was in Alpha Chi Omega sorority with Marilyn Klupta. I married in '65 and have two children. Jennifer is 32, married with two wonderful little boys, ages 4 and 1 year. She's a special education IEP rep., living in La Verne. We love to baby-sit whenever we can. My son, Ben, 29, is living in New York, has a Ph. D. in biophysics and his own drug design company collaborating on new cancer and aids drugs. I only get to see him once or twice a year unfortunately. I divorced in '85 and married Ted in '89. He's an MFCC (counselor) and a counseler at Oak Knoll School in Pasadena. I am pharmacist-in-charge, work 3 days a week, at an independent pharmacy in La Canada. From 1988 to 1995 I worked at So. Cal. Edison Company Pharmacy, and before that at Memorial Hospital of Glendale as well as many independent retail stores part time. We love to travel, especially cruises, have been to Tahiti twice and visited Nancy Hanson (Anderson) in Denmark several times while visiting Ted's relatives in Copenhagen. We spend some weekends at our Camp Nelson cabin (Porterville/Springville area), but it is rented out alot. I still enjoy ballet (5 lessons a week) and gardening (big yard with a few vegetables). I see Jeanie Cook (Vals) several times a year since we're best friends since first grade (50 years!) Oh, My ---!

Hope to see everyone at the reunion!

Love, Rae