Richard Carnahan

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Richard Carnahan

627 N Belleview Ave
San Dimas, CA, 91773


Update: 8/24/12

I've had a couple of sidesteps over the last decade: a heart-valve replacement (bovine) and a knee replacement (titanium), but am moving along just fine and no longer walk like Walter Brennan. Sondra and I have eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild and feel damn lucky to have every one.

Original Post

My wife Sondra and I have recently retired to a life of read and weed. We've talked about travel--we flew back to Ohio to see our oldest grandson graduate from high school in June--but so far it's just been nice to stick close to >home<. Our son Tim is manager of sales and marketing for a foundry dealing in Titanium; our daughter Kelly has recently returned to college to earn a teaching credential and a Master's. We have four wonderfully rambunctious grandsons.