Joy Di Prima

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Joy Di Prima Pantano

1801 South 4th St.
Alhambra, CA 91803


Update: 10/19/10

Still in Alhambra in a house that is actually OLDER than me! Raised 6 kids here. Was Di Prima, then Ruddy, NOW Pantano (the best guy ever). All the kids have left the nest and now we are here with 2 dobermans named Lily and Misty. We have 8 grandkids. We have traveled a good part of the world. Been there and seen that and now very happy being here in Alhambra. The majority of my neighbors don't speak my language but are pleasant and willing to smile and wave. Alhambra has changed but underneath it all it still the same. It's a good place to live. I have also I look in the mirror and I see the grandmother I last saw when I was 12. Ah memories! Hope you are all well and happy.

Original Post:

Yes, believe it or not we are still in Alhambra. Phil and I have put our 6 kids through Alhambra High School. That is where tradition ends....we have 2 grandchildren in New Jersey and 3 in Washington. We have traveled extensively to other countries over the last 15 years and now we are getting ready to retire and perhaps spend some time exploring the USA.

In '62 I join the Annual committee. I wanted to be a writer or a photographer but by the time I got there the only space left was to sell ads for the back of the Annual. I have been selling advertising since. I started with the LA Times and ended up with GTE/Verizon selling yellow page advertising. Now I am just enjoying myself and plan to become a frequent flyer between here, Washington and New Jersey... I was meant to be a Grandma.

I hope everyone is well and happy. Take care!