Judy Pons

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Judy Roberto Pons

9305 Palo Alto Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730


Update: 4/30/12

Life is full of surprises! I've reclaimed the Pons name (My Daddy is smiling) and in 2009 bought a home in Rancho Cucamonga. I now see Palm Trees in my back yard and often, Snow on the mountains out from. Quite Spectacular!!!

I was blessed to stay home and raise my kids and be involved in their lives. Later I had an Interior Design business for 17 years. I overlapped a few years with Financial Services helping families and later decided I had to pick one and let my Design business go. I still do Financial Services and love changing peoples lives for the better and putting more money back in their pockets. It makes retirement possible.

I have 2 kids that I am so proud of and 6 amazing grandkids. Can't believe 2 of them will graduate this year. How did they get that old??? I am also blessed to have found an amazing man and I have 3 more awesome kids and 3 more grandkids now. He also has a wonderful mom. What a lucky woman I am! We love dancing, movies, the beach, travel and most of all great friends.

Remember "LIFE isn't measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the MOMENTS that take our breath away!" Life is Good!

9/20/07 Posting:

Life is full of surprises. The last five years have been some of the most interesting of my life!

My 2 kids and five grandkids are still all amazing. I am soooo proud of them all. I now have 3 spoiled cats. My Financial Services Business is going great - I have an office in Arcadia and continue to change lives. I am always looking for people who want to make extra money or career change that I can train and develop.

I am currently single and meeting wonderful people all the time. As I have been married most of my life, this is truely a "New Frontier" for me.

Original Posting:

I was blessed to get married after graduation and have two beautiful children. I was able to stay home and be "Suzy Homemaker" and be totally involved in their growing up years. Everything from Brownie Leader to Pep Squad Mom. I later built my own Interior Design Business which I had for 17 years. I am very involved with Arcadia Chamber of Commerce and my husband and I have a very successful Financial Services Business where we change peoples lives every day, both as clients and developing future leaders. My daughter is now 38 and my son just turned 30. We have five amazing grand kids (age 2 to 8) that make our lives a joy. We also have two very spoiled cats and one fish. We love to scuba dive and travel to wonderful places. Life is great, looking forward to seeing all of you. Love, Judy