Jo Ann Hoheisal

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Jo Ann Hoheisal Weatherwax

2725 Abarr Dr
Loveland, CO 80538


Update: 8/24/12

Our 50th reunion year finds Jim and I off our mountain and living nearby in Loveland, Colorado. Luckily the house we last lived in and still own in Livermore, Colorado survived the High Park Fire. That sure was a nasty fire and feel for all the people who lost their home and possessions. We are still enjoying retirement and don't miss working a bit. My sewing machines are still getting a workout making quilts and wearable art. Our younger son added another grandson to our family on June 1---no twins this time! I will see him for the first time the week of the reunion. The Balboa Bay Club has good memories as I spent my 21st birthday there having my first "legal" drink.

Update: 8/21/11

Well, in the two months since I updated by bios, we have moved from our mountain home back down to civilization to Loveland, Colorado. We are closer to everything including all our Colorado grandkids activities. Before it took us 45 minutes to get to a grocery store, now it takes 2 minutes. Life is good but we do miss the mountains, the quiet, and wildlife. We plan on attending the reunion and hope nothing interferes with the plans this time. Hope to see you there.

Update: 6/8/11

I attended Cal State LA earning a Secondary Teaching Credential in Home Ec (surprise) and Art and Nova University receiving a MS in Computer Learning.

I married Jim Weatherwax who played for the Green Bay Packers football team in the first two SuperBowls. Yep, the same team Leo Carroll played with for a time. We have two sons, Jim Jr. and Tom and, surprisingly, they both have twin sons. Jim Jr also has two girls and a step-son and step- daughter by his second wife.

While living in Dana Point, CA, I taught at Saddleback College in the Business Science division and helped my husband with his Marie Callendar's restaurant in El Toro, CA.

We left sunny Dana Point in 1999 for Colorado and don't regret it a bit. We now live high up in the mountains above Fort Collins enjoying the fresh air, blue skies, quiet, and all the wildlife the area has to offer. I am still making use of my sewing machine by making wearable art and quilts. And we spend a lot of time traveling up and down the mountain to attend our grandkids activities.

My best memory of high school is being in Mr. Ward's English class. He sure made class fun! I don't know how much I learned from him but I had a good time. I must admit that I didn't enjoy being a majorette that much but both my sisters had been so I was following a family tradition.

Original Post:

Wow! Has it really been 40 years since we all graduated? Sure doesn't seem that long. Do we really look and feel that old? I know I don't feel that old! Notice I didn't mention my looks.

Since our last reunion, my husband and I moved to a remote part of the Colorado mountains above Fort Collins from Dana Point, CA. Why Colorado you ask? Our older son, Jim Jr., and his family live in nearby Greeley and whenever we visited, he would take us fishing in our now nearby lakes. We fell in love with the area and felt this is where we wanted to be. We are both retired and enjoying the leisure life (those of you who are retired know that you probably are busier now than when you were working!). At least we are doing things we enjoy.

Jim and I aren't traveling as much as we thought we would as the fishing and hunting besides our new friends and the local happenings are keeping us close to home (a cabin actually). I still play at my sewing machine (I can't say work at the machine because it is a pleasure to be doing what I enjoy) but now am heavy into quilting. I did give up my baton long ago having not touched it since my junior year at LA State. I don't miss teaching (Saddleback College) at all but do miss the friends we made over the years while living in CA. We do venture back to CA on occasion as our younger son is newly married and living in Mission Viejo. And we periodically have to check up on the Marie Callenders Restaurant in El Toro that we part own. We make it back to Green Bay, Wisconsin yearly for reunions with my husband's Packer SuperBowl football teams.

I probably won't be able to attend the reunion in September as some of those "new" friends we have are joining us on a journey to Western Canada and traveling along the Lewis and Clarke trail whenever possible. I know the reunion will be a great success with all the people who are on the planning committee. Boy have they done a great job for us over the years. Thanks you all!