Gary Bosley

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Gary Bosley

17887 Trenton Dr.
Castro Valley, CA


In 2002 I returned to my Northern California roots (San Leandro and Castro Valley) to look after family property. In March, I founded Marketing Solutions Group (soon to be an LLC) in Pleasanton ( with two partners (both former classmates from San Leandro High School, class of '62).  We are consultants in marketing, media and advertising.
       The move ended 17 years of chamber of commerce work in Southern California, where I was the executive director of several chambers of commerce: Lawndale, Hawthorne, Laguna Beach, and Gardena. In a break from being the CEO of chambers, I had been a publisher and editor of business newspapers for 15 different cities throughout the Southland (including Hollywood and Santa Monica).  I ended up winning prizes, twice, from the state chamber for publishing the best business newspapers in California in my category.
I had gone to L.A. as a career change from having been a stock and commodity broker from 1971 to 1984 (Merrill Lynch and Dean Witter).  From 1978 to '84, I was on San Francisco financial TV, and became the longest running stockbroker (with Dean Witter) at the time (KEMO and KCSM).  In addition, I was active politically, and in the community, having run for the state assembly in 1976 in San Leandro.
       As a new stockbroker in Houston, Texas, I had been active in the Toastmasters organization, ultimately winning speech contests at the district level (statewide) twice and competing in national level contests, twice.  Also in Houston, I was an announcer on financial radio for two years.  I had gone to Houston from having been a commodity futures analyst (and worldwide newsletter author) for Merrill Lynch Royal Securities in Winnipeg, Canada.  I was also a member of the Winnipeg Grain Exchange there.
Prior to that, I rose to Captain in the Strategic Air Command (SAC) in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, participating in action from Guam and Okinawa.  I was based in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Also, during that time, I was active with the Jaycees.  I enjoyed being a delegate to the 49th and 50th annual national Jaycee conventions, first in Louisville, Kentucky and then St. Louis, Missouri.
       In other areas, I have a book being sold on (on political campaigning).  Also, I'm active with the University of California (Berkeley) Alumni Association (graduated from Cal with a BA in Economics).
During the years, all the moving took its toll on family life, where I have a score card of no runs, no hits, and no errors.

Cheers from Castro Valley,
Gary Bosley