David Kneale

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David Kneale

6029 Timberleaf Way
Orangevale, CA 95662


Update: 2/15/11

Still continuing quest for big game. Added several African species to trophy room, brown bear and black bear since last posting. Waiting for bison to come back from taxidermist. Penny is cancer-free since her bout in 2007. Hope to see y'all in 2012.

Not much change since the last reunion I attended. Have expanded my big game hunting adventures to include Alaskan grizzly bear and a cape buffalo from Zambia. Still working for the California Senate but retirement looms a few short years away like the rest of the class. As of this posting (June, 2000) Penny and I just celebrated our 34th anniversary.

Update 12/06: After 38 years in the state Capitol, I'm finally retiring effective 12/30/06. Cruises, safaris, and single-malt scotch are on the horizon. As I came in with a Republican former actor as Governor I decided to leave with another. Celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in 2006 and looking to 40 more.

Update 4/07: Retired from Office of the Secretary of the Senate in December 2006 after 38 years in the State Capitol. Started with a Republican actor as Governor and decided it was time to leave with another. Still need to find a hobby, tho'. But for this year, at least, it's back to Africa for a safari. Then, who knows? Still married to Penny. (41 years in May)