Claudia Sherlock

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Claudia Sherlock Storey

1101 Panorama Drive
Arcadia, CA 91007


Years 1-10 Finding myself,Graduating from USC, marrying and divorcing, and remarrying... thinking I'd be an actress, actually becoming a teacher

Years 11-20 Still finding myself, still teaching school, three children, Damon, Jennifer, and Stephany, PTA, brownies, girl scouts, boy scouts, little league

Years 21-30 Beginning to find myself, left teaching and went into real estate...good choice for me, as teachers and actresses make good realtors

Years 31-40 I think I'm pretty sure of who I am now. I am a branch manager for Coldwell Banker Real Estate in Arcadia with about 120 agents (kinda like trying to herd ants) enjoy my adult children, love nothing better than sitting in my own back yard, feeding birds or relaxing with friends and/or family

My husband puts up with my rather assertive personality and lets me think I'm in control. He's an airborne traffic reporter for KFWB and reports traffic conditions over our blue skies every day.

Sorry this isn't more entertaining or exciting...

but looking forward to seeing old friends in September!