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Dennis English

829 Washington St., Apt. # 2
Hoboken, NJ 07030
201 714-4757


Update 11/15/12:

I have recently retired after almost 9 years as a manager at Bergdorf Goodman (a major Department Store in Manhattan ). While working there I met and assisted many well known personalities, including Christie Brinkley, Bruce Springsteen, Ken Burns and Sir Elton John. Instead of telling people I am retired ( for retired sounds so old ) I tell people I am a starving artist, because I am still doing acrylic Painting and I don't make any money at it. I have started giving my age in Celsius.

I also volunteer at the South Street Seaport Nautical Museum in Manhattan and give Historic walking tours of places and sites from the "New Amsterdam 1613-1660" period of New York History as well as the Revolutionary War and 17-18 Century Architectural Tours. In Hoboken, NJ, where I currently live, I have been giving 2-hour Historic Bike Tours around the "Mile Square City". Those Bike rides include Frank Sinatra's Homesite, where the first Baseball game was played, the locations where Tootsie Rolls and Wonder Bread were made and baked.

I am still enjoying almost everyday.

Original Post:

After graduation from Arizona State University, I moved to San Francisco. This was in the late 60's and while there I lived in Height- Ashbury. I helped start food co-ops and volunteered time at the Free Clinics. During that time I worked as a drawing supervisor with Westinghouse Electric. Westinghouse had received the majority of contracts for escalators and elevators for the BART Project and I assisted in coordinating drafting-drawings between the factory and the BART folks. I also traveled alone to Europe and North Africa for 6 months, back packing and staying in Youth Hostels and B & B's and doing sketches of vine covered courtyards and old churches and sipping wine and drinking cafe-au-laits.

Soon after my return from Europe I moved to Tallahassee, Florida and worked as Florida's Underwater Archaeologist. While there I worked on Spanish Shipwrecks off Florida 's Atlantic Coast and in the Florida Keys. I also worked on Civil War Vessels and did underwater research on early man sites in some of the sinkholes near Sarasota. After more than 7 years of "Diving for Dollars" as I now call it, I was promoted to a Speech writer for Florida's Secretary of State and Governor. Those were political appointments and when a new election came in the early 80's and a new Secretary came along I was asked/told to"move along".

So, after more than 10 years in Florida I moved to Austin, Texas and started a commercial Restoration Construction Co. that did Historical re-construction to old buildings in and around Austin. In the mid-80's the economy "went South" so I got out of that business and I helped start, manage and then sold a Temporary Help Company that specialized in crafts and skills needed by the High-Tech industry. People like ; Stainless steel welders, Programmers, software engineers and computer assemblers. I also married my wife of almost 15 years, Jan. And we bought a home, raised a cat and learned to like red wine.

After more than 17 years in Austin we moved to the New York City area. We have been here 6 months, since last October, and are still really enjoying most everything. Other things...I love to Travel, SCUBA dive, Snow Ski, paint water colors, make model wooden ships, Golf, write short stories, sketch, Mozart, Sailing, Bicycling, Pasta, Pesto, Bluegrass Music, Cajun Fiddles, PBS, and Spring.