Carolyn Anderson

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Carolyn Anderson Turner

115 Redhaven Ct
Thurmont, MD 21788


Update: 1/20/11

I am still in Maryland, living in Thurmont, where Camp David is located. I have one son, Stefan, and daughter-in-law Judi. Am retired from IBM and also retired from Hewlett Packard. I am in contact with Suzie Smith, maiden name Suzanne Armstrong, who has always encouraged me to return for class reunions and this next one I hope to attend.

I sure wish I could track down Beverly Nelson -- that was her maiden name. She married and became Beverly Butler. Was divorced and next married and became Beverly Bivens. Her husband was killed and I believe she then returned to her childhood home in Iowa and remarried a childhood friend.

Update: 10/13/05

I graduated in 1962, of course, and married Richard Mach (I met Richard at Cal State at Los Angeles--he was from Michigan) and moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1965 where Richard was working toward his doctorate. I attended U of Colorado part time as well as working as the administrative aide to the Dean of the Graduate School. From there I moved to Pensacola, Fl where Richard was in flight training (that was in 1967). From there I moved to Maryland where Richard was stationed at the Navy Medical Center as a research psychologist. My son, Stefan, was born in 1969 at Naval Bethesda Hospital in Bethesda. We moved back to Boulder in 1970 for Richard to complete his Ph.D. In 1972 we moved back to Maryland where my Richard was a scientist at NBS (now NIST). Divorced in 1973 (probably because it was all about Richard--just kidding) and remarried in 1974. Worked for and retired from IBM where I worked as an administrative analyst. My husband Jack also retired from IBM as a graphic artist where he managed the Tech Pubs department. Husband Jack passed away in 1996 of an aneurism. I am now working for Hewlett Packard and waiting to retire!!! Yeh!!! I live in Thurmont, Maryland (beautiful there), which is about 5 miles from Camp David. I stay in touch with Susan Armstrong (Susan Smith). I am going to definitely try to attend this next reunion. Susie is always after me to come out and I have just never been able to. This site is wonderful. I have enjoyed looking at pictures. Gosh it has sure been a long time. I thank you all for all your wonderful efforts in keeping this whole thing alive.

Hi, I just decided to do a search and I found this site--cool beans!!! I knew about the upcoming reunion as I am in contact with Susie Smith who still lives in Alhambra and attends the reunions. Since graduating I have lived in Colorado, lived in Florida, lived in Maryland, lived in Colorado (Boulder), moved back to Maryland, lived in Outer Banks of North Carolina, moved back to Maryland and am now living in Frederick, MD. I am retired from IBM and currently working for Hewlett-Packard as a Sales Coordinator. I have one son, Stefan, who lives in Thurmont right down the road from Camp David. Can't wait to retire in a few years and divide my time between Maryland and Colorado. You can't hit a moving target!!!