Stephen Smith

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Stephen Smith

14991 Lewis Rd
Nevada City, CA 95959


Post 9/28/12:

BA in biology, Occidental College, 1966
First marriage 1966, Las Vegas
DDS, UCLA, 1970
Navy dentist, Camp Pendleton MCB, 1970-72
Christopher born, 1971
HEW dentist, King City, CA, 1973-74
Jennifer born, 1974
Private practice, Grass Valley, CA 1974- present... tho almost retired (Focused on Holistic Dentistry in 1981 over mercury/galvanic/metal-free issues)
Second and final marriage 12/25/1980, to Kriseda, in a small plane @ 10,000 ft over High Sierras Bought a home in Nevada City (CA)... with some acreage that some friends organically farm... very cool! We hang out on the Big Island every winter since 1999 (We were "magically led" to a tiny cottage vacation rental with an amazing sunset and whale view on a Christmas trip.... it was for sale.... we crossed our fingers.... and bought it. It's been wonderful!) ...
I feel very blessed in my life...