Verthat Kay

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Vee Kay Lehman

3791 W Snow Cherry Ct
Meridian, ID 83646


Update 11/15/12:

Not giving any details of my life, other than I am still alive. Made it for the 45th reunion, but didn't get to attend the 50th. We had planned a 50th wedding anniversary to Russia, on a Viking Cruise. Booked it before I knew the date of the class reunion. Maybe I will get to make the 55th. Fun seeing your pictures and sometimes I can recognize some of you. Vee Lehman

Original Post

I was a Golden Trailways bus stewardess just out of highschool, with the goal of going to airline school to become an airline stewardess as soon as I turned 21.

While working at the stewardess job I met and married my husband of 44 years. We have two sons, and three grandchildren.

During our married years we have built 8 brand new homes for ourselves we have sold 7 of them and are living in the 8th home now, but it has a for sale sign on it. It is a dream home, with a pool, and a man size shop, plus it sits on an acre in the country. We built it as our retirement home, but found out to live this large makes for too much work!

Most of our married years were spent in Pocatello, Id. We also lived in Post Falls, and Caldwell, all in Idaho. We tried Scottsdale Az. and really loved it there, but work took us back to Idaho.

During our married years, I have learned to play bridge, tennis and golf. I don't do any of the above now. We love to travel, I enjoy and good movie a good book. Trying my hand at painting. I started a Bible Study group. Walking is great!...

I always make time for the grandkids. Spending time with them is the best part. I love to see the things that they can accomplish and the gadgets that they use today, are so much more complex than what we played with as kids.

Since my husband retired from Farm Bureau as a CEO, I thought that there would be more time to do the stuff that we always wanted to do. But time has gone to overdrive. The days are just flying by.

We are grateful and thank God everyday for the Blessings that we have had during 44 years together. Vee Lehman formerly Verthat Rae Kay.