Elaine Benniof

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Susan Elaine Benniof Osborn ("Suzi O")

1306 West Northridge Avenue
Fresno, CA 93711


Update 11/15/12:

Had a fabulous time at the 50th Reunion. Loved having plenty of time to schmooze with everyone, and catch up with each others' lives. Am very proud that Emery Park Elementary once again had the most graduates attend of all the schools feeding AHS. I think we had 20 Emery Parkians, and the original class had less than 60 total. That's great!

Currently living in Central California, with plans to move back to Maui, where I lived full-time for 16 years, as soon as I can. I'm still a part-time Mauian, and looking forward to full-time again.

I travel to the island of Bali, in Indonesia, once a year to purchase beautiful gift items (jewelry, scarves, wood sculptures, hair accessories, and lots of other fabulous gift items) and bring them back to the States to sell at home parties, office showings, and mostly at retirement homes around California, and on Maui. Also, leading tours to Bali, so let me know if you want to go with me. website: www.bali2you.com

Looking forward to seeing you all again in five years, if not sooner...!

Original Post:

[Note: Suzi updated her address, and apparently got tired of Maui and has moved to Fresno. Maybe she'll update the bio too!]

Aloha! The island of Maui has been my home for over 14 years, and I love living here. After 10 years of publishing a small magazine, I closed it down in 1997 to become a full-time marriage officiant and wedding coordinator. A most fun job indeed, so if any of you want to "Be Married on Maui" or have your wedding vows renewed, c'mon over and I'll officiate for you. (I'm also licensed to perform ceremonies in California!!)

Last summer my sweet little home (where I had been living for 12 years) burned, so I'm living temporarily in a huge old house (built in 1933) out in the country in an area called Kupuna, while my home in Wailuku is being rebuilt. I'm fine, the kitties are fine; and it sure was a lesson in letting go!

Keeping busy with my business, my friends, my charity work, and playing Pinochle whenever possible. I'm recently single again -- no not married, just a 3-year relationship with a man who turned out not to be Dr. Charming.

I loved our 10th, 20th, 30th and 35th Reunions, and I can't wait to see everyone at the 40th! Please E me if you have a chance.

--"Rev. Suzi O"

P.S. Elaine is my middle name, and I've used "Suzi" or "Susan" for almost 40 years now, since graduation. I still answer to Elaine, so call me what you wish...