Jim Fraser

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Jim Fraser

3 Washington Square Village, Apt. 7A
New York, NY 10012


Original Post: 9/23/12

OK, I am finally doing my bio for next weekend's gathering. I have never gone to a reunion for any school, but really look forward to this one.

I am now happily living in Greenwich Village, New York City with my artist wife Katherine Hanson and our dog Pebble. Between us we have four children and four grandchildren. Megan is a banker in Boston, Rebecca an educational researcher also in the Boston area. Devin is pursuing his Ph.D. in History at the University of Durham in England and Madison is a senior at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Lily, Julia, Sean, and Bradley--our four grandchildren--all live in the Boston area so we visit a lot.

We have our own place to stay; a cottage we built on a pond in Rochester, Massachusetts. I've written several books, most recently just finishing a high school U.S. History textbook. While we lived in Boston I was the very-part-time pastor of Grace Church, a small Protestant church in East Boston for twenty years. We are now active in our NYC church.

After too many stints at educational administration--I was Dean of the School of Education at Northeastern University in Boston and Senior Vice President of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation in Princeton--I am back to my first love--teaching full time at New York University and having time to write, think, go to an occasional play, take long walks in New York, and spend time with my terrific family. At the moment, retirement seems a long way off when I get to do just what I want right now.