Irene Miller

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Irene Miller Dunny

17819 Sun Walk Ct.
San Diego, CA 92127


After four years of college at Occidental and a year to get my teaching credential at San Diego State, I got married and taught for four years. I lost my voice and left my ex and bounced around for a while having the adventures I should have had after high school.

Then, thanks to the Spanish I learned from Mr. Schnitzler, I landed an editorial job working on Spanish materials. I did that for ten years, during which time an antidote was found for my voice and I married Jim.

In 1993 I went back to teaching as an ESL and Spanish reading teacher. I got my MA as a reading specialist and became a district mentor teacher. Now I am working half time as a reading specialist/ELD teacher thanks to Jim's dental practice which continues to grow and prosper. I love working half time and will do so until I retire, which isn't very far away anymore.