Karen Spencer

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Karen Spencer Anderson

2319 N.W. 115th St.
Vancouver, WA 98685


Update 12/4/06:

Here we are, still in Vancouver, WA and still retired! We've spent the last seven years as second parents to our two grandchildren who live close by. We've definitely counted it as a blessing. The Lord does provide!

I lost my best friend two years ago (Carolyn Butler Bushell). I miss her tremendously because we talked frequently on the telephone and got together about once a month to do fun things - Carolyn was such a lively person - she relished life and enjoyed being busy constantly traveling. It was such a pleasure to be around her because she always had an open mind to new and interesting ideas and happenings. There is definitely a void in my life as a result of her passing. I still keep in touch with her husband and he periodically comes to visit. Carolyn left her mark on me and other's around her - she is missed!

I just recently spoke with another good friend from school, Susan Bonander Popenoe. She has recently become a grandmother and now realizes why all the rest of us have been so happy and excited about being grandparents.

I also keep in touch with Frances Tignino Wood and Evie Gibbs - I feel so blessed to have these people still in my life. I also got to visit with John Flanagan a few years ago when he stopped by for a visit. It was such a surprise and I felt honored that he remembered me. I love visiting with my friends from high school, it's always fun to catch up with their lives and what is happening with them.

Life is good and we keep busy with family and traveling. It seems like the longer we are retired, the more we have to do!!

Original Posting:

I worked at Southern California Edison for 24 years before being forced to retire. My husband retired a year later. In 1998 we had our first grandchild in Vancouver, Washington so decided to move there to be close to her. We now have 3 grandchildren (two of them live in Missouri). We love to travel when we can and spend our days caring for our granddaughter. We love the topography of Washington, just don't like the long, gray winters! We recently returned from a 5-week trip to the mid-west where we welcomed a new grandson and visited relatives and friends. I keep in still keep in touch with some of my good friends from Northrup Elementary and High School - Carolyn Butler, Susan Bonander and Frances Tignino. It's so nice to have friends that you've known for such a long time!! Carolyn and I see each other often because she lives here in Washington (not far away) - Susie and I talk with frequently on the phone and Frances and I keep in touch with through the computer. I consider them the "best of friends".