Liz Abraham

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Elizabeth Abraham Cantine

29415 Seaspray Dr
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275


Still dancing, teaching, choreographing and peforming in community theatre and in professional shows and hope to for many more years! I own my own business 4ARTS EDUCATION and in addition to teaching and mentoring children and adults of all ages at studios and in the PV School District, I teach dance to special needs young adults and have formed a performing group called "Ready, Willing and Able" - this has been incredibly rewarding for all involved, especially me!

I had the opportunity to study my junior year abroad in Lebanon, the land of my roots and met Dick Cantine there who was on an exchange program from Kenyon College in Ohio. We were married in 1966 when Dick began his MBA studies at UCLA (then pursued a long career with IBM) and I began my classroom teaching career. Our son Tom is now 43 and works for Microsoft; his 3 children are the joys of our life, of course!

Dick and I have traveled extensively and this past summer took an Eastern European riverboat cruise with college friends and then revisited Lebanon after 40 years. In my mother's seaside village Moslems and my Christian cousins live and work side by side. Beirut has been completely rebuilt after their civil war and we felt very safe and were so pleased that the various religious sects are living peacefully.

I truly have been so fortunate to have experienced so many icredible events and to pursue my career since June 14, 1962...