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Sorry to miss our 45th reunion but look forward to the 50th. So what have I been doing for 50 years? Briefly, six years as a news reporter and editor, 10 years as a teacher, and most of the last 30 years at LAX, first as airport public relations director (with great travel perks) and now as executive director of the LAX Flight Path Learning Center. It’s a privilege and also a lot of fun to help prepare kids for careers in aviation and aerospace. My genealogy hobby includes writing four family histories and editing three family newsletters. I’m thankful for the education I received at AHS and for encouragement and support from my family and friends for helping make all this possible. I look forward to seeing all of you again in September.

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I enjoyed seeing many of you at our 30th and 35th reunions. One nice thing about reunions is nobody can lie about their age. Since then I've retired from my public relations job with the City of Los Angeles (Depts. of Airports and Recreation & Parks) and now enjoy doing what I want to do. This includes volunteering at the Huntington Library in San Marino and at the Flight Path Learning Center at LAX, which helps kids planning aviation careers. I'm also into genealogy, have written two family histories, and publish a family newsletter. Many of our family (myself included) have relocated to the San Dimas area for a nice mix of city convenience and country charm. We have a stream and waterfall right in our backyard. It will be great to see all of you again in September.