Diane Kavanaugh

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Diane Kavanaugh Mains

45 Willowbrook Lane
Phillips Ranch, CA, 91766


Hi, Entertaining, informative, adventerous, poient, the biographies of the class of '62'. From eleven children and living in foreign places, to stories told and yet to be shared, what an enjoyable read.

From AHS to PCC to Cal. State. L.A., a degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology. My 'knight in shining armor' took his sweet time in finding me. I met and married Al in 1969. We have had the pleasure of raising two beautiful daughters, Lisa and Carolyn. In 1981 we began RV-ing, traveling extensively thru the western states and Canada. leaving the RV behind only to visit Hawaii (WELL, duh!).

In 1994 Al, at age 53, retired from ARCO. In 1996 we moved from Walnut, Ca. to Whidbey Island WA. I loved it there but our family and friends said we were growing webbed feet, so we moved back to So. Ca. in Sept. of 2001.