Doug Smith

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Doug Smith

3396 Willow St.
Santa Ynez, CA 93460


Update: 10-15-05.

Perused the last "bio", and there have been some changes. Everyone in the family is now five years older (duh, five years have past). The daughter decided law school wasn't for her, so she married a lawyer instead. They live in the So.Cal. area where he has his practice. She is expecting with the first grandchild. The son is still in the computer business in the "Bay Area", and still a guitarist in a band that plays local gigs. I stopped playing in a band several years ago, got tired of driving over the mtns to Santa Barbara for practices and gigs. Still married to Pam for 30 years (she's looking forward to a grandchild, but having trouble with the title "Grandma"). She's still working and picked up her Master's Deg. a couple years ago (trying to convince her to get her PhD so she can go into consulting after she retires. My biggest fear of having a working wife is that some day she'll retire and my standard of living will drop). I'm still working at the local casino. It pays for toys and trips. We travel as much as we can while our health is holding. We have China and Italy trips planned for '06. Still playing golf, even got new spiffy clubs, and I'm still not worth a damn out there. Had to give up softball after a bad injury to my Achilles tendon a couple seasons ago coming into home plate. Took up fly fishing. I still ski, and have improved with age. Still astride a motorcycle, and do solo touring on it. Other stuff has happened, but I won't bore you with the mundane. Basically, except for thicker glasses and waistline, grayer hair and beard, digital style hearing aids, stent in the heart, a medical folder of injuries and illnesses that is as thick as the L.A. phonebook, I'm the same kid I was back in AHS (yeah, right, another doddering old fool having 60's flashbacks).

Original Post:

After graduation from AHS, I tried college for a year. It sucked. Enlisted in the Marines and ended up at Camp Pendleton in 1st Force Recon Company. Along came Viet Nam and away I went, attached to 7th Marines, in early '65. That place really sucked. Got out of the Corps in '66, and went back to college on G.I. Bill after having seen the error of my ways. Started with the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Dept. in '69. Spend 30 years with them, retiring in '99 as a Det. Lt.. Thirty years as a cop entails too many thrills and spills to list here, but trust me, the scars on the body and brain are there. Been married 26 years (first and only wife) and we attended the 20th year reunion in '82. Two adult children. Daughter, 24, went to the "Dark Side" and is in law school(at least she wants to be a D.A.). Son, 21, a computer whiz and rock guitarist in a band in the Bay area. Got tired of retirement after 9 months, and am currently an investigator in the Indian Gaming industry.
My hobbies are golf(skill level sucks), keeping my motorcycle on two wheels when riding, music(I play trombone in a local band), snow skiing(a damn expensive hobby), and serious softball. That, my friends, is the thumbnail bio.