Glenna Huff

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Glenna Huff Parkinson

Glenna Parkinson
2605 Icy Moon St.
Henderson, NV 89044


I married shortly after graduation in 1962 and have two beautiful daughters. Now I have four wonderful grandchildren and one very active great grandson! I spent my working years in the computer field. First as programmer, then analyst and finally in management.

We lived most of the 1970's in Germany, near Bonn, and traveled quite a bit for both business and pleasure. Returning to the U.S. in 1981, we settled in Burbank near my parents - who are since deceased.

Currently, I am single and retired. I bought a house in Henderson, Nevada last year and it's a whole different life style. I play volleyball every chance I get and love table tennis and swimming as well. Most of my family is still in California, so I travel back frequently.

I fondly remember the High School football games, clubs, dances, and working in the Student Bank. I attended Wm. Northrup grade school and have wonderful memories of the girls and leaders of Girl Scout Troop 57 and our many activities together.