Allen Flinck

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Allen Flinck

7127 Raven Rd
Helena, MT 59602


Update: 9/4/12

No longer married. Still woodworking.

Update 10/14/05:

Retired June 2004. Moved to a small ranch in Montana, still fly fishing. Remarried to Heidi on August 23, 2005. Very happy and very busy.

Original Post:

AHS to UCSB, married Wendy Barker. U. Michigan back to UCSB. Masters degree in Biological Sciences. 1971 to present, Professor of Biological Sciences Santa Barbara Community College. Wendy and I made two wonderful children, Thad 30 something and Jennifer two years younger than her brother. I travel the western states, camping and fishing when not on the job. Fly fishing and fly tying is a major part of my fishing hobby, both fresh and salt water. I also consult on environmental issues especially ecosystem integrity and habitat restoration. Ask me about my children!

My ongoing contact with AHS friends has been endlessly rewarding. They know who they are and you might also. I am amazed that my children have no contact with their High School peers and do not make any effort to attend reunions. Anyone else familiar with this?

Wish you all a great reunion.