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Candy Kressner O'Mohundro

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Update: 9/21/12

Make new friends.....keep the old..... One is silver.....the other is gold ". We have spent the past five years in memory-making mode. In spite of our horrid economy, and the sadness it has caused throughout our nation, Larry and I always try to wake up each day with an " attitude of gratitude ". We are blessed to have been married 46 years ( as of 9/10/12 ), we have a strong spirituality and faith in our Lord, reasonably good health ( knock on wood ), we still manage to sneak in a cruise here and there ( our favorite mode of travel ), we have been blessed with an abundance of " silver " friends, and we continue to cherish our " golden " friends of 50-plus years. What more could we ask for ?

Now if I could only learn how to use our new I-Pad, I'd really be in heaven. Actually, I should say " my " I-Pad " because Larry doesn't want anything to do with it. We are so " out of the loop ", that we don 't even know our own cell phone number. ( Ignorance is bliss ! ) I guess we both still relish the " good old days " when people actually communicated without so many contraptions. Isn't it sad to see people on their cell phones everywhere you go ? I could go on and on about how I feel about the misuse of technology, but I'll save my " soapbox-bantor " for another time.

It's time for this " Ramblin Rose " to say " Ta-ta and Cheerio " dear friends. I am looking forward to seeing all of you who helped make our high school years such a fun and memorable time in our lives. And for those who didn't, I'll be happy to see you, also.

(2007 Posting)

It's been an interesting 5 years since our last reunion. Larry and I are still professional clowns ( I do facepainting with glitter,tattoo art,hair-beading,body art,etc...& Larry is a balloon magician ). Larry has tried to retire 3 times, but those who know me well know that the word "retire" is not in my vocabulary.

My latest venture (and adventure)is very exciting. I have created two lady's colgnes,and am currently going through the tedious trademarking,patenting,manufacturing research,etc.processeses.

We still, whenever our busy schedule allows,love to travel.On September 10th, we will celebrate our 41st anniversary. Holy cow ! Where have the years flown to ?

We look forward to seeing all of you at the reunion. Love to all, Candy O'

(2002 Posting)

Since our last high school reunion , my husband Larry and I have set out on many new adventures. But the most fulfilling and most fun to date is our latest profession. For quite a few years we have been professional clowns.
Larry is a "balloon magician" clown....and my clown specialties are "face-painting, tattoo art, nail art, and hair beading."
Our clown names are "Clarence and Clancy", "Roscoe and Rosebud" and "Goldie and Silverado." For all who've known me through the years, this wasn't much of a surprise. I've aways "clowned around"...only now I get paid for it!
Here's to forty more memorable years !