Susan Miller

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Susan Miller McManus

5503 Turtle Cove Court
Greensboro, NC 27410


2/21/12 Posting:

Mike and I are nearing our 50th anniversary, celebrating the birth the birth of our 4th great grandchild, and continue to enjoy our retirement.

6/20/07 Posting:

Retired in 2004 after a number of years working for downtown associations, farmers' markets and owning a gourmet kitchen store in Fairfield, CA.

Still married to Mike (AHS '59). Married nearly 45 years with 3 very grown children, 7 grandchildren, 1 great granddaughter.

Moved to Greensboro NC, when we retired, to be closer to our kids who all escaped California (1 in Indiana and 2 in NC). We have been taking advantage of our location to travel the eastern part of the country and enjoy spending time with our kids and grandkids.

Original Posting:

Married Mike McManus (AHS '59)in October of '62and we're coming up on 38 years. Three kids (two sons and a daughter), 6 grandchildren (3 boys, three girls). Moved to Bay area in '83. Executive Director of a Downtown Business Improvement District. Treasurer for the California Downtown Association.