Kathryn Abajian

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Kathryn Abajian

Santa Barbara, CA


Update: 7/8/17

After living 45 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, I moved to Santa Barbara a year ago, splitting the difference between childhood in So California and adulthood in Northern California. Happy and busy here doing the same things as usual--seeing friends, reading, writing, traveling and sitting on the sand staring at the Pacific whenever possible, usually when my children and many grandchildren visit. I still "work" teaching writing workshops in my home and a memoir writing retreat annually in Italy for my program, Italy in Other Words.

Update: 8/1/10

I've been very lucky--I've just retired from thirty years teaching English, I have three independent adult children (who tolerate me) and who are making charming children of their own, I love to travel and have much of the world still to see. My work is writing, editing, and teaching creative writing in private workshops at home and in Italy. Hoping still to learn to sail and to speak fluent Italian--maybe at the same time!

Original: 8/21/07

I've lived and worked in Northern California for many, many years and try to travel as much as I can. Don't expect to retire any time soon as I have a great job--teaching writing at a community college with lots of breaks. I spend lots of time in Laguna Beach (at my 93 yr old father's home), write nonfiction/journalism (plug: my book came out in 2005--FIRST SIGHT OF THE DESERT), and am most recently getting re-acquainted with drawing and painting.

I'm single now and enjoying the life of making new friends and keeping old ones. I have three well-educated, hard-working, supportive children who are keeping me young with their many children (probably more grandchildren than you can imagine!). Best to everyone.