Charles Hastings

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Charles (Chuck) Hastings

31450 Congressional Dr
Temecula, Ca 92591


Update: 6/4/10

I retired from the Union Pacific Railroad in 2005 and we moved from Chino Hills, CA. to Ohio to be close to family. Well, that was not only cold but a whole different culture! California was looking better than ever.

We are now in Temecula and close to wine country, so now I quit drinking - as of Dec 31st.! No matter what shape California is in it beats northeast Ohio.

Still play golf whenever I can and think about everyone with the best memories. God willing I won't miss the 50th! See you then.


Thirty-five years later, I find myself still working on the railroad, still a Locomotive Engineer, awaiting retirement.

Twelve years ago I married Susan. I got a "keeper" this time! We live in Chino Hills. No children, dogs, cats, pets of any kind for that matter, and no grandchildren either!

Enjoy traveling, seems more important the older I get, golf, a never ending battle between truth and the American way, fishing, and basically anything but work. A good single malt scotch whiskey too! Hope to see everyone there!


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