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(Julie) Diane Davis Fechner

17615 Springwinds Dr.
Cornelius, NC 28031


Update: 6/4/12

Graduated Cal State LA & took a job as a civilian recreation specialist in Germany, planning fun and games for the men in uniform. Met my husband Bob -- a dashing young captain -- in Mainz, Germany and was married there.

Returned to the U.S., Fort Sam Houston, TX and had my first child, Debbi, in 1968. While Bob served in Vietnam, I returned to Alhambra and worked as a social worker in East LA for a year. Back in Texas, my second child was born, Kristen, in 1972. My husband's military career as a hospital administrator took us from TX, back to Fort Ord, CA; Fort Campbell, KY; San Francisco; Frankfurt, Germany; Washington, D.C.

In 1994, after retirement from the U.S. Army, we relocated to Charlotte, NC, where Bob became COO and then CEO of the American Red Cross, Carolinas Region. Over the years I worked as a social worker, editor of a corporate newspaper, court reporter and real estate salesperson. Court reporter was the most fun -- being paid to listen to trials and fascinating testimony made me feel somewhat like being in the middle of a soap opera!

My husband died of stage IV melanoma 3 years ago. I have remained in North Carolina and am currently retired. I live on a lake here and have become an avid golfer due to the proximity of a beautiful golf course and club. I have 4 grandchildren, ages 3,5,10 and 12. One of my daughters lives in Florida and the other in the Bay Area. The kids all love to come visit "Nana" at the lake, so I am very lucky to see them often. I love to travel, swim, enjoy good food and wine, spend time with friends.

(My full name is Julie Diane Davis, but I never went by anything but Diane Davis for all my life until I went to Germany to work after college. Had a 2-week training class and there were 4 other Dianes in it. When the instructor called out my name as Julie, I didn't have the heart to tell her I was another Diane, so I just let it go and became Julie in Germany. Since I met my husband there -- as Julie -- that name stuck for the rest of my life. But in high school I was never anything but Diane. So, I'll see you all as Diane Davis at the reunion.)

This will be the first AHS reunion that I've been able to attend, and I'm looking forward to reuniting with high school friends.

Original Post:

Graduated from L.A. State (now Cal State L.A.) with a major in English and minor in French. Wanted to go to grad school to become a screen writer, but decided to take a year off and work in Europe. Got a dream job as a recreation director in Germany and ended up marrying a cute young captain, Bob Fechner (also known as "Sweetheart" -- great story, to be told over a glass of wine) and living happily ever after, all over the world. Worked at various times as a social worker, editor of a company newspaper, court reporter and real estate agent. Have two daughters, one running her own company in Sun Valley, ID, and the other working for an internet company and living in Potomac, MD. Have two amazing grandchildren. "Sweetheart" retired from the Army as a full colonel in 1994, and since then he's been Executive Director for the American Red Cross Blood Services Carolinas Region, and we've become avid golfers and boaters since we now live in a lake-and-golf-course community!

We both intend to retire for good when we're 75 whether we can afford it or not...