Rosemary Lucas

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Rosemary Lucas-Olsen

780 Selkirk Rd
Sandpoint, ID 83864


[Update 8/1/12]

Time goes by slowly in Idaho. Our forest has a few more trees; we had less snow last year. I still walk every day. We traded the camper in for a travel trailer…..easier to navigate in our dotage!

I have two great grandchildren; Adele and James. All of the kids and grandkids are doing well. Steve is still my rock.

Life is good. I had a few lemons thrown at me in June 2010. I had a heart attack. But, I managed to squeeze lemonade out of that experience and now treadmill, recumbent, elliptical and cardiac rehab are my BFF’s. I even got three pieces of bling…stents.

I thought long and hard about going to the 50th reunion. I have a pretty violet floral dress and some cute, sensible shoes. I am 32 pounds lighter and I’ve let my all white hair go naturally curly after fighting it for sixty years. I look okay. But, I doubt anyone from the class of ’62 has any good memories of me and couldn’t pick me out of a lineup of one if I was wearing an 11 x 16 name badge on my chest……so, I won’t be there. I hope this is the best reunion ever!

Alhambra High School sent out into the world a great group of graduates in 1962! I wish you all well. If any of you are ever in my neck of the woods…regardless of the time of year…let me know. We have lots of room and love company.

[Update 9/21/06...]

Some changes since the 40th reunion. I have officially retired and will receive my first Social Security check in January! Let's hear it for 62+ years of age, grad year and for any other 62 celebratory reasons! There are now 11 grandchildren, the kids are all fine and doing well, we still love Idaho, weather disasters and all. My hair is grey, I have lost some weight and don't care about my wrinkles. After the last reunion I had some questions for myself. Did anyone remember who I was? Was anyone really excited to see me? Had I kept in touch with anyone from high school or them with me? Did I have a great time in high school? The answers to all of those questions was no. Now, five years later the same answers apply, so I am thinking that I will skip this upcoming reunion. Maybe I will see all of you at the 50th.... just because. Fondly, Rosemary

[Prior to the 40th Reunion...]

It has taken me all of the years between graduation and now to find my little spot in the world, but find it I did. Steve and I live on 16 acres of forestland in Idaho near the Canadian border. We left Calif. in 1998 and have learned to live in minus 15 degree winters, incredible thunderstorms and beautiful summers and autumns.

I left my job at Citrus Valley Med. Center and have for the most part retired. My career as a registered nurse was fulfilling but stressful. It is finally time to smell those flowers. I now work at the local library part time.

Leaving the kids behind was the hardest part of moving. While we have had some wonderful reunions, I miss the spur of the moment visits. My children are my greatest accomplishments. They have managed to turn out great in spite of me. We have 9 1/2 grandchildren and 3 cats and 2 dogs.

I still love to read, and manage to walk our trails every day. The best times are spent driving my dirty Idaho car with the radio turned up singing along with Jackson Browne. We splurged and traveled to Ireland in 1999, and hopefully will return soon.

No more marriages, divorces, college degrees or businesses to start up; been there done that.

While I have lots of memories of high school, it is time to fess up; I was pretty miserable those 4 years. I have kept in touch with a few of you mainly Bea Candalot who has never forgotten my birthday and e mails often. I enjoyed the 35th reunion and look forward the the 40th. You will see me with grey hair, a 57 year old body and wearing a comfortable dress and shoes!