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Howard (Lynn) Rich

1835 Newport Blvd, #A109-423
Costa Mesa, CA 82627


Update 9/30/12:

Just had a great time at the 50th reunion and realized that I hadn't updated this Bio in 10 here's the short version.

Grand children count stopped at 11....Great grandchild count currently stands at one. Retired or should say semi retired Jan 1, 2007. No more long days or going to an office but just can't quite let go of everything so that's where the semi thing comes in. Still live in Newport at the same place but were able to do a 'down to the studs' remodel in 2004. Probably won't be relocating soon.... or ever. After retiring we created a ' Bucket List ' of travel destinations and other things we wanted to do and we have have been checking them off at a pretty rapid clip. Became scuba certified a couple years back so warm clear water almost always plays into our travel plans. Bottom line things with us are just great....we enjoy good health, and have piles of family and friends nearby...Can't ask for more than that !!

Original Post:

Hard to believe that it's been 40yrs! Now its 1 hour before party time and I am just getting this in. Better late than never.

Family: Married to Evie Gibbs (AHS 62) in 1962 and we had 2 beautiful girls. Second marriage to Gail in 1985 came with 2 boys. All are married & raising familes of their own. Total grandchildren count to date is eleven & it might not stop there.

Career: Directly into US army from high school, then Monterey Park fire dept for about 8 yrs. Around the age of 30 I went into business for myself & have been self employed in various business ever since. About 17 yrs ago I started a real estate investment company that we are still very active in today. Current goal is to cut back to "semi-retired" schedule. I'm making adjustment's to achieve that but finding that it is easier said than done.

Home: Moved to Orange county in 1965 & have been here ever since. Mostly in Fullerton (25+ yrs) Gail & I became "empty nesters" in the mid 90's, so about 4 yrs ago we left Fullerton and moved to Newport Beach. We love it here, it's a whole new lifestyle, with many new friends and yet just a short drive from old friends & family. Current plans are in the works to expand & remodel our little beach house.

Leisure: We're into beach walks, bike rides, & harbor cruising. Enjoy spending time both summer & winter up at Big Bear Lake. Starting to formulate a travel destination "wish list" for those up coming "semi-retired" years, figure we had better do it "while were young".