Joan Sparks

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Joan Sparks Holden

4532 Earhart Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95407


Update: 8/29/12

I retired last year and tried to sell my house. No takers. March 2012 I put my house on the market again and sold it in a week. Moved to California in April to be near son and family and corrupt my grandsons. Bought a house in Santa Rosa and am still getting settled. Spend time daily playing with the boys and having a ball. I miss Colorado but enjoy being back in the Golden state.

Update: 4/9/2008

I'm now serving as the Director of Bargaining for the Colorado Education Association. Lots of meetings, less traveling. I miss the traveling. I look forward to retirement in about two years. Then I'll be heading back to California to become a professionl "Granny" to my two grandsons.

Jack turned 5 in February and Owen will be 3 next November. Rob and family now live in Sebastopol, CA so that Jack could attend a Waldorf Charter School when he started kindegarten last fall. I call him "Jack the Ripper" and that's a very apt description of him. His little brother is "Owie the Cuddly."

I'm looking forward to the 35th gathering of the Mothers' Day Reunion in Santa Barbara. I hope someone is organizing it!!?? Hang on, Moors, we've got our 50th coming up! See you there!


I'm still working for the Colorado Education Association, protecting and promoting the rights and benefits for public school employees in Colorado. I am the Director in Sterling, CO - northeast corner of Colorado, so I spent a lot of time driving through the plains - see lots of cattle, crops (including sunflowers!), and SMALL school districts. There aren't any one-room school houses left in Colorado, but there are several one-building, K-12, school districts in very remote farming areas.

Walt and I have been married over 16 years now. Now, THAT is an amazing fact! He's still singing and performing -- all Irish pub songs these days.

My son, Rob, and his wife, Suzan, are living in St. Helena in the Napa Valley. They are awaiting the arrival of their first child - an adopted baby -- soon. Suz is a pastry chef and is working at a spa now. Rob does faux art painting and decorating in mansions throughout the Bay Area. Update 6/14/02: Rob and Sue adopted Jackson Deane Holden, who is THE perfect baby boy -- born 02-02-02! A palindrome baby!!! They are becoming the best of parents (weren't we all?).

My sister, Judy, and her husband, Ted Banks -- remember your track coach, guys? -- are retired and living in rural Texas near their daughter, Jennifer, and her family.

I look forward to hearing more about the '62 Moors and hope to see you all at the 2002 Reunion!