Diane Finn

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Diane Finn Dagestino

282 Redondo Ave #207
Long Beach, CA 90803
562 439-2874


Update: 8/3/12

Barry and I were married when we were 20 and had 3 incredible sons: Barry, Anthony and Scott. We now have 2 daughters-in-law and are soon to gain a third with our youngest son getting married in October 2012. We have remained a close family for the last 20+ years since our divorce and think we have perfected the "blended family". We share 4 amazing grandchildren: Tony, Elizabeth, Stella and Sophia.

After 20 years in hospitality sales and a very enjoyable and enriching career, I hung up my "hotel shoes" and landed an administrative job with the Apartment Association, California Southern Cities, one of my former clients, right here in Long Beach.

I have so many wonderful friends and along with the growing family, I keep very busy. While living in Buena Park I was active in community affairs and Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Commission before moving to Long Beach.

I was able to travel to Ireland for my 60th birthday which was a dream come true. Since travel was such a big part of my hotel career, I enjoy mostly short trips close to home now, many of which include some kind of wine tasting!

For over 35 years, I have been a member of a philanthropic and social women's organization and was elected National President in 2007. It was a fantastic experience, especially since our focus is raising funds for a school that helps children with autism. This hits close to home as two of our grandchildren have autism. They are such special gifts.

Life is great at the "condo on Redondo" and I look forward to seeing "long-time friends" at our Golden Celebration.


Update: 7/18/11

After 20 years in the hospitality industry (and loving it) I am now working for one of my former clients at the Apartment Association, California Southern Cities in an administrative position. It's an easing into retirement position!

Life is good here in the "condo on Redondo" in Long Beach and I love spending time with family and friends. The family is still into sports (fans not participants) and we love getting together which we do often. The 4 grandchildren (between the ages of 6 and 9) are amazing and we have 2 in the autism spectrum which makes for some very interesting get-togethers. They are all so special.

I've been to Ireland, Victoria, B.C., Nantucket, Key West and Mackinaw Island which pretty much fulfulled my travel "bucket list". I'm still planning on writing that "tell all" novel. See you all in 2012

Original Post:

I am currently serving as Director of Sales and Catering at The Queen Mary and have been here for 5 years booking large meetings and conventions. My youngest son, Scott, lives with me in my condo just 3 blocks from the beach here in Long Beach, and he also works at The Queen Mary. I am active in my social and philanthropic women's organization and have served on the National Board for 4 years, and I am also on the Executive Board of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce Women's Council.

Our family loves spending time together and we are all big sports and movie fans. My two older sons, Barry and Anthony, were married in 2000, so our family is expanding with two beautiful new daughters-in-law! Scott and I just returned from a vacation in Vero Beach, FL to visit Dodgertown and take in some Spring training games and despite the ups and downs, we remain Dodger fans. In addition to my family, sports and movies, I enjoy wine tasting trips and like to travel for both business and pleasure.

Hope to see many classmates in 2002!