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Paula Crochet Holmes

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9/9/07 Posting:

Greetings class of 62 you may remember me from Campus, La Estrellita, and Tennis clubs! Since graduating I have experienced much out of life which I will not attempt to go into detail in this little box. I will however give you a short timeline of my life so you can have a small glimpse into what I have spent my time doing over the last 45 years since most of us have seen each other last.

I have worked for the Alhambra school district for 20 years as a payroll technician and before that I worked in the accounting industry. I left California on a 9 year detour where I spent, 2 years in Chicago and 7 years in Pennsylvania. On this detour I had my lovely daughter Jaime who will be turning 30 this year. I returned to California at the persuasion of my friends and to my surprise shortly after that I had my son Justin who is 20 years old.

I am currently single and mingling which allows me to meet new friends and experience a new side of life.

I have had an amazing time working on the reunion committee where I have run into old friends and new ones as well. I am looking forward to seeing how everything will come together at our luncheon.

Anxiously waiting to see you on the Queen Mary,

Original Posting:

I have lived in California for most of the last 40 years, except for 9 of them. In 1974 I detoured to Chicago, IL, settled there for 2 years, and then on to Edinboro, PA for 7 when an unexpected curve in that road of life came along, so I ventured my way back to sunny California. I have been married to Michael for 16 years and have two children, Jaime, age 24 & Justin, age15. Yes, you read that right, 15 as in one five, not two five, or three five, and no he is not adopted. What miraculous things the women in the class of 1962 can do. We have three cats and a new Pug puppy, named Randi. She is quite a handful, but as animal lovers we really enjoy her.

I am very fortunate to still have some very close friends from the class of 1962, Sandy Dodero Gilweit, Sondra Newkirk Raab, Dolores Guajardo Bruner and Sandy Gaskins Ross. We see each other as often as possible with all our busy lives, beside the fact that Sandy Ross lives in Arizona, and Dolores lives in Oregon. Actually Sandy Gilweit and her husband John are God Parents to that miraculous child, Justin.

I have worked as a Payroll Technician for Alhambra School District for 15 years. The school district has really changed and so have schools in general, but that's another subject. We are all so lucky to have grown up in the 60's, what an awesome era.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there. God has really blessed my life!