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Rodger Salkeld

6884 Linda Vista Blvd
Missoula, MT 59803
406 251 7088


Update: (10/10/2010)

Retired from LAUSD in 95 after twelve years as a principal and and twenty -five years of counseling and teaching. We have been living in Missoula MT for four years. This has been our adventure. We enjoy the seasons and the snow. Looking forward to 50 reunion. Yes I plan to go to this one. I think the last we attended was was the 20th.

Hanya and I have been married for forty-two years and life is good. Living in Montana is like Alhambra in the 50's. Very relaxed, people wave when they drive by, and few doors are locked. I do a little flyng (fishing that is,) and a little shooting and hunting of upland birds. I take a CASA once or twice a year and a little teaching. Because of Uncle Sam's invitation to join the Army in 68 I've become involved in the the Americn Legion, Purple Heart Organization and a few others and try to help vets.

See you in 2012.

Original Post:

Forty-five years!! Hanya and I have will be married for forty years come January 2008. Our two children have given us six grandchildren. They live in SC. I was a teacher, counselor and principal for LA Unified School District for 35 years. Before I retired the Japanese Business Association and government sent me to Japan for two weeks to visit schools and cities. We moved to Montana a year age to enjoy our retirement. I now fish, enjoy the outdoors, substitute teach when I feel like it, do a little consulting to the school districts, and I'm co-sponsoring Boys' and Girls' state. We send about forty HS juniors to the capital for a week of learning about government and having fun.

We love Montana. Yes it does get cold, but "it's a dry cold." We are enjoying the weather. We still get excited about it snowing and love the seasons. Today is May 21 the high was in the forties and it may snow tonight. Last Saturday was in the 80's. The weather is dymamic and adds to life.

Who would have thought I would have had a career in education? I recall Mr Bullock, history teacher at AHS ( who later became a principal,) sending me out of his class because I was being a jerk.

Life is good.