Lynda Collins

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Lynda Collins Heaton

47, Station Road, Tadcaster
North Yorkshire, LS24 9JR
Great Britain
Tel: 01937-833453


I returned to G.B after living in the USA for 10 years, the last five in Alhambra; almost immediatley after graduation. I trained as a hospital (neurophysiology) technician initially in Leeds then moving on to London, in the 60's (Oxford) and then returning to Yorkshire.

In 1970 I married Andrew. We have three grown children, a daughter and 2 sons, who are both 24, but aren't twins. In 1981 the firm for which Andrew worked for failed. It had been in his family for four generations--I think the word is "traumatic experience." I returned to work as a technican, which I loved; Andrew stayed at home as a house husband. I left work about 6 years ago and now make pillows, bags, etc. and sell them at craft fairs. I love doing this, and it gives me the excuse to travel.

I've been back to the USA several times since 1990, but not to Southern California. I hope to get to the re-union next year, fingers crossed.