June Dorian

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June Dorian Shafer

Box 1339
Zephyr Cove, NV 89448
(physical address: Glenbrook, Lake Tahoe, NV)


Newly retired, Dental Hygienist and DDS (husband); 3 sons, military with 1(#2-born son) still in as LT COL in Netherlands, #3-born son in Marketing at Croakies HQ in Jackson, WY, and #1-born son, Industrial Marketing Mgr, Wonderful Pistachios (former Blackhawk pilot), CA; 1 grandson 4 years old, 2 granddaughters (twins), 2 years old and1 daughter-in-law, Kelly, to #2 son.

Moved from Arcadia 3 years ago to Lake Tahoe, NV...breath of fresh air!; P.E.O. President, Incline Village, NV, Chapter AC; Very politically involved with 7Federated Women clubs (CA and NV), (Officers); & newsletters' contributor; Douglas County Republican Central Committee, Executive Committee; Nevada Regent and Project Chair for 2012 NV State Bumper Sticker Committee; Lake Tahoe Corvette Club member; Crystal Bay Yacht Club, Incliners, etc.

Norm and I have become very active up here at the Lake. It's a wonderful change from busy city life. Now, however, it's a busy mountain life! Currently, we're embarking on a major remodel to bring more of the Lake inside...crazy at this stage in our lives but we've done this before so...onward for another year!; We are still involved with our previous charities back in CA but from afar; We travel to visit our kids, as well as elsewhere for ourselves. We're back and forth to CA to visit my families of cousins and our mutual friends; Our lives are interesting to us and chock~full of memories, here and abroad. We do what is important to us and for the future of our country, directly and indirectly. We believe in America!