AHS Class of '62 Memories Page

Old AHS AuditoriumCheck back often to see who or what we've dug up. If you have any pictures that didn't make it into the year book, send them to me (electronically or otherwise), and I'll try to give them their day on the web! (I'm running out of original stuff!!) We'll also keep a photo gallery of these and other photos of us since high school, including reunion photos and more.

Alhambra High School Auditorium and East Wing (1958). None of us ever had a class or attended an assembly in this building...it was condemned the year we became freshmen. But this was the building that stood sentinel over our high school days while it awaited demolition. Note the cars in front... sort of time capsules in and of themselves: A '49 Ford, a '55 Chevy, a '57 Ford, and a Nash Metropolitan (year?).