AHS Class of 1962 60th Reunion
Barry's Invitation Letter (January 2022)
Last updated: April 13, 2022

It will be sixty years in June and there are still some of you, I have never seen at an AHS Class of 62 Reunion. The memorial list is getting larger as I compose this and if you are not on the memorial list, this is the year to find your way to Fullerton, California on Saturday, October 1,2022.

The "Best People on Earth" (BPOE) or the Elks Club of Fullerton will be the site of our latest "single class" reunion. I tried to include everyone from the classes of 1959-1965 but I guess "Democracy" really works because the majority ruled and they voted me down. The vote was close, 13 to 1 (yours truly). So if you are not sitting next to Cheryl Tiegs or her sister Vanessa and Kenny Loggins isn't the entertainment for the evening don't blame me!

If you haven't guessed by now this going to be a real "fluid event" and I don't just mean the 78-year-old geezers lined up outside the "men's room." If I have insulted any of you blame Wendy Barker...she nominated me for "senior class president."

Paulette Olsen, find Stephanie Slater and if the two of you show up, I will donate a $1000.00 to your favorite charity.

George "fish guts" Fisher, it's not that far from Shell Beach to Fullerton. I will get someone to cover your paper route while you are gone!

Lovingly yours,

Barry S. Dagestino
1040 S. Hidden Cyn. Rd.
Anaheim Hills, CA 92807
(714) 281-5190